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How to earn money on Travelicious as a content creator

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The rise of big platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and others, gave birth to many influencers, some of whom have become household names in a manner of years. Quite revolutionary, one might say. On the other hand, it has also given these same platforms power and control, for they are monopolising the attention-space of billions of people. For a couple of companies to have such a dominant position in people's minds isn't healthy for a society, to say the least.

Content creators and influencers at large share their world through the lens of these platforms. In return, they are rewarded with organic traffic —to a greater or lesser degree— and empty likes. There is no financial reward for their effort. 100% of the financial reward goes to the large corporations that own these platforms. That is parasitic system, where corporations live off the energy of its hosts; the content creators and consumers. It is our belief that such corporations (of which there are many) will face a great many pains in this decade, and will either need to change their models in order to prosper, or simply cease to exist. People are waking up.

As such, we created Travelicious, as a beacon and hopefully an example, of how a company can create win-win situations with all of its stakeholders. Wins for the users, the content creators, the businesses that gain new customers, the company itself, and finally, the world around us.

We've created a revenue-sharing platform, and we will strive to create as many opportunities for content creators to earn a living as we can. Our mission is to help realise the dream travel content creators have of living a free life, travelling, and being taken care of financially through their work. Our aim is to free them from the need for finding sponsors and advertisers, and thus compromising their message and integrity.

On Travelicious you earn money by sharing your experiences. At this time, it works as follows:

1. You share your travel experiences on the platform.

2. Your experience is reviewed by our curators and published to your profile AND in the explore section if it's an experience we absolutely love. It will always be published to your profile. The reason we need to review it is due to technical constraints (we're in closed beta, after all)

3. On the experience page, an accommodation map is automatically generated, featuring Airbnbs and hotels on one map.

4. When travellers book an airbnb or hotel near the experience you shared using the accommodation map, you get paid percentage of the affiliate commission.

5. You can cash out once you reach 50 EUR or leave it in and use it to book different experiences, support others, get perks, etc. Currently these features are not yet available, but we're working on it.


These are the early days of our venture. Travelicious might become a travel platform many millions of travellers use, and just imagine, if you build your profile well, you might earn more than enough to make travelling merely a hobby for you. Time will tell where this story goes, but we have high hopes. $1 a month might turn into $100, and then into $1000, and then, who knows.